Raccoons love to find shelter under your home or porch and in crawl spaces. They have easy access to these areas because they use their hands like humans and move obstacles out of their way. Vent covers, wood and siding are no match for a determined raccoon. Areas under your home are perfect for them to give birth in and to make their home. Entry can be through drains, under siding, dryer vents and even under the foundation wall of your house here in Springfield, MA. Once they are under the home they can do extensive damage. The entry points are usually easy to spot, if you see damage contact us right away for an inspection. We can locate the animals and begin the trapping process.


Raccoons living under your home can result in extremely expensive damages. Your crawl space is filled with opportunities for problems. Ducks, insulation, electrical wiring and your vapor barrier are just a few of the things that raccoons can destroy. Insulation can be ripped off of duct lines or flooring and used as nesting material, or a way to hide. Claws can put holes in duct work allowing them to use the ducts as a place to live. Those duct lines will be vulnerable to urine and feces produced by the animals. Over time, the HVAC system can carry the particulates and bacteria from the waste through the air of your home creating hazardous breathing conditions. Raccoons will pull on wiring or chew on it causing power loss in appliances and creating fire hazards. The plastic vapor barrier can also be contaminated by urine and feces making replacement the only option for this barrier. Insulation may also need to be replaced. Our team can make all of these damages. Call us immediately if you notice any damage to a crawl space or basement entry point. Do not allow these masked creatures to cause major home damages.


We will be there every step of the way from the inspection of your property. We will identify where they entered the crawl space and set humane traps to capture them. Assessing the damages is the next step and then repairs can begin. Removing and replacing insulation can be done if necessary. We have the training and equipment to handle the job with ease. We can repair duct work as well. Any damage there can negatively impact your HVAC system so fixing these quickly is very important. We can complete decontamination of the area or replace the vapor barrier if necessary also. Do not take on this problem yourself. Raccoons can carry diseases and when they feel threatened they will attack. Our experts are all licensed, insured and knowledgeable in all areas of this process. We want your home in Hampden or Hampshire County to be safe and free of wild animals and the mess that follows them. Call us right away when you see raccoons or other uninvited wildlife on your property to prevent costly repairs and headaches.