Pigeons in Hampden and Hampshire

Pigeons are the most common pest bird out there. This is especially true in urban or populated areas. These birds are extremely food driven. You will find them on buildings and homes more often than in trees. They are not concerned by being surrounded by nature. Many popular locations in cities are overrun with these pests trying to get food. They are usually a bluish-gray color with some blended colors on their neck or head that can look iridescent. They make a cooing noise and can be overwhelming if not controlled. They do not migrate, so once they find a place they like, they will stay as long as possible. You will need experts to rid your business or commercial property of these pests. We will do a no cost initial consultation and inspection and provide you with the perfect plan for your Hampden or Hampshire property.

Common Nesting Areas and Problems

Pigeons will gather and take up residency wherever they can find a flat surface and food. Building ledges, AC units, vents, rooftops and gutters are common locations on homes and apartment buildings that attract these nuisance birds. A few twigs is all they need to create a home. They can breed at any time of the year up to six times per year and the eggs hatch in about 18 days. This means that a few can become a full infestation in no time at all. They survive on whatever food they can scavenge. In populated areas people tend to provide what they need in trash and bird seed but they will also eat grass, natural seeds and berries. They are commonly found in outdoor eating areas where humans will create crumbs and dropped food.

Damages from Pigeons

You might be surprised at how much damage can be created by these pesky birds. They can cause damage to your home when building nests. Pieces of debris falling blocking gutters and air conditioning units can create the need for expensive repairs. Blocked vents can even lead to fires. However, the worst damage is probably a result of droppings they make. A flock of pigeons will make a significant amount of waste. Their feces contains uric acid that can corrode metal surfaces, paint and damage shingles on your roof. It can get to a point that you may need professional cleaning to remove it which can be an added expense to an already annoying situation. These droppings also carry bacteria and fungus that cause many diseases. Things you and your family do not need to be exposed to like encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis and histoplasmosis. All of these problems can be avoided by having our team of professionals inspect your property at no cost and develop a plan to control the birds. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation so we can provide you with options for pigeon control in Springfield.