Mole and Vole control Services

Moles are insectivores and their primary diet consists of earth worms. This is why homeowners with nice lush grass often can find themselves with a mole problem. The use of grub control products will not solve your mole problem due to their main diet preference as well. Earth worms bring nutrients to the soil which supports healthy grass and grubs can kill the grass. So having moles in healthy grass is common. Unlike the pest control industry we trap and remove moles. This is a more environmentally safe practice than applying a pesticide in the ground to poison the mole. We do a full property inspection and determine the severity of the activity and we place traps in the mole tunnels under ground for their removal. We often set our customer up on programs to help mitigate the issues as they arrive.

Voles – Often cause damage to shrubs as they gnaw on roots killing the plants. They make shallow tunnels under the grass layer which also kills grass reveling indented tunnels. Once the snow melts these runs are prominent and often sparks calls from homeowners. They also create exit holes for these tunnels which is the opposite of what moles cause. People usually get these two species confused as they don’t know what to look for. We often set up trapping programs to try and remove voles to reduce population so they are not causing damage. Like rodents more eventually will move in. .