Groundhog Removal

Groundhog removal in Massachusetts is a common problem for homeowners. We get many calls requesting help with this problem. They are herbivores and love to destroy and dig up your lawn and garden. Groundhogs or woodchucks are burrowing animals. Known for their digging ability, they are capable of making a mess of many yards throughout Hampden and Hampshire counties.

Woodchucks love to dig burrows for sleeping, rearing their young, and hibernating. A tunnel can become quite large. It is common for them to dig tunnels as long as 45 feet. They also love to eat plants; so your yard and garden are a perfect food source for them.

Trapping Groundhogs

Trapping groundhogs is the best way to remove this pest from your yard or home. We can safely bait, trap and remove them. Digging in the yard can quickly destroy the plant life around your home.

Woodchucks, or groundhogs, are one of the more elusive creatures that us wildlife trappers try to manage. They are herbivores. We choose the type of bait used to trap these creatures carefully. They are not tempted by regular food baits that are used to lure other wildlife. We know the proper placement and baiting of traps. It is best to call a professional for the most effective methods of trapping.

Groundhog Damage Repairs

Some of the damage caused by groundhogs in Hampden and Hampshire counties include the damage to shrubs, flowers and other grasses that are loved by homeowners. They can also be responsible for damage to foundations of homes and buildings due to their excessive digging in or around a foundation of homes and buildings. The actual digging is not what causes the damage to your foundation, once they open a hole in the ground, this gives a place for water runoff and rain to seep into, this act of erosion is what causes the foundation damage. Any groundhogs on your property should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent these damages. Call us today for help.