One of the ways bats and other animals like squirrels can find their way into your attic or home is the soffit around your roof. The soffit is the underside of an overhang on the exterior of your home. All around the home connecting the home to the roof. They are usually made of wood or vinyl. Openings are made in several ways including normal settling of the house. Full gutters can also contribute because water will overflow out of the gutter causing water damage and warping of the soffit. It can also cause weakening or softening of the wood making it much easier for the animals to scratch their way through it. This is an area not commonly inspected by homeowners and any small opening can be easily missed. If animals like bats find a way in through the soffit they will either have immediate access to your attic or they can be trapped under the soffit. Both options are bad. Either way, you will need professional help to remove them. Call us for an inspection in Springfield today.


Bats that find their way into the soffit of your home can find themselves stuck there. This can result in foul odors from the guano they produce while there. It can also be a result of a dead animal. If they are unable to find their way out they may die. The odor produced by the dead animal can invite insects and other animals. Excessive guano and other animals will cause even more damage. This is not something you want to investigate or deal with on your own. Our team is trained to locate the animal, safely remove and dispose of them and complete all cleaning and repairs necessary.


After an infestation you will undoubtedly need repairs to your soffit. Many times this involves replacement. Our experts can provide you with a choice of materials for new soffits or simply repair the area of entry with material that matches your current aesthetic. We specialize in long lasting improvements with the goal of keeping wild animals out of your home and attic in Hampden and Hampshire Counties. Call us to remove and exclude bats from your home as soon as you think you might have a problem. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will be. You can save aggravation and money by calling us right away.