Exclusion is a critical part of the removal process if you have bats in your attic or home in Springfield, MA. Most homeowners do not want to deal with this problem over and over again. Handling it properly the first time is best. It is also the best reason to have professionals involved instead of attempting to do it on your own. When your home was built or as it has settled over the years there have been openings or gaps. If these gaps are ⅜ of an inch or larger, bats can get through them. Once inside they will mark the area with droppings so they can return and attract other bats as well. Sealing only one place that you think is the entry point is not enough. Every possible gap must be sealed to keep them out permanently. There is a process when it comes to exclusion and safety. You may not want these creatures in your home but they do offer benefits to the environment. They are also legally protected in many areas and must be handled with care. Killing them is not the answer, humane and safe removal and exclusion is the best way to rid your home of these pests. Our technicians are certified to complete the process of removal, exclusion, clean up and repairs in Hampden and Hampshire Counties. Call Urban Pest & Wildlife Removal at the first sign of a problem.


The proper exclusion process starts with an inspection. After we have located the colony we begin by sealing the outside of the home or attic. It is necessary to leave only the main entry point open, all other possible openings need to be sealed. Any gap ⅜ inch or larger has to be located. The untrained eye can overlook openings this small. The main entry point is fitted with an excluder. This will allow the bats to leave the home but they will not be able to get back in. It may take a few days but it will be worth it. After they are all gone, the excluder is removed and the main entry point will be sealed.


Bat droppings accumulate very fast, especially if you had a colony in your attic. All of that guano will need to be professionally removed. Removing the guano and the smell it creates not only protects your family and your home, it also helps to keep the bats away. They are attracted to the smell. There will be staining from urine to clean as well. More than likely, your insulation will have been damaged and replacement will be necessary. If you are thinking of doing this on your own, please remember that when disturbed the guano can release bacteria and parasites into the air. This can create hazardous breathing conditions for you and your family. Proper equipment is necessary and this is best done by professionals. You will also need to evaluate all of your duct work and wiring in the attic to be sure the bats did not damage them. Damaged wiring can be a fire hazard. Our experts are ready to make sure your home is safe and free of bats and the damage they leave behind. Call us for an inspection today.